When your crush flirts with someone right in front of you. x


I’ll never forget the 5-7 day full blown meltdown I had after I saw this for the first time. You got peaceful yet half upright Louis Tomlinson, practically sleeping with one eye open. You got overly trusting Harry “I Love Lying On The Ground” Styles flopped back and open to the world. THEN YOU GOT ZAYN MALIK CURLED AROUND HIS LUGGAGE WITH LIAM PAYNE AT HIS BACK. LIAM TAKES THE OUTSIDE POSITION, THE SPACE CLOSEST TO POSSIBLE DANGERS, AND HE KEEPS ZAYN SAFE. LIAM PROTECTS ZAYN FROM EVERYTHING WITH HIS BODY AS A SHIELD, LIKE A SOLDIER IN A TRENCH. LIAM WATCHES OVER ZAYN EVEN IN SLUMBER. BURY ME IN IT.

Pasadena, 13.09

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i wonder if anyone on this website has ever seen the movie “mean girls”


zayn malik appreciation week → day four: favourite relationship

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i had a dream I met harry styles and when i asked for a picture we ending up making out

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Rose Bowl, 13.09.14

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